One Of The Greatest Administrator Of Islam ( Shar Shah Suri )

Shar Shah Suri, Rohtas Fort, Historical Place in JhelumShar Shah Suri, Rohtas Fort, Historical Place in Jhelum

Shar Shah Suri
Shar Shah Suri

One Of The Greatest Administrator Of Islam ( Shar Shah Suri ) was born in Afghan and belonging from Kibla Sur. That is a part of Sindh near district Peshawar. His real name was Fareed khan that was given by its father. His father was also a great warrior in the Mughal,s army.

Sher Shah Suri was born in 1486. At the age of 15, he left their home due to the brutal behavior of her stepmother. And gone to Jaunpur, at there he learn Arabic and Persian language. Even then in a very short period, he becomes an expert in this language.

But after a few more time, One Of The Greatest Administrator Of Islam ( Shar Shah Suri ) left his job from there and gone to Agra. And his father appointed Suri to control its jagir. But due to some reasons, he left it. so In 1522 a person from the group of Mia Zaheer Uddin Babar impressed with his braveness and give job from Babar. When Mia Zaheer Uddin Babar attack on the area of afghan. Than Shar Shar Suri helps him. So that’s why Mughal King Baber gives it property given by its father to Suri. and had given the name of Sher Shah Because once he Saved Babar life from a lion ( Sher ) in the jangle during hunting.

After the death of Babar Shar Shah Dethroned Hamayoun, son of Babar and snatched his Kingdom. And appoint Suri as Deputy Governor. In the field of Architecture, this fort has a place due to its unique building style and is a symbol of Shar Shah. Shah had been given an order to build this fort as a barrier in the way of Ghakkars and Kashmiries. Who were the great supporters of the Mughals.

Suri got the kingdom at that time. When its life reached on end. But even then he operates the kingdom of Rohtas for the duration of five years. Which would be rememberable in history.

During this period his force is much improved and effective through its best leadership but although a little severe. His nation is broken into two parts identified as Sarkars, and after that further subdivide into Parganas and than repeat is broken into small segments, One Of The Greatest Administrator Of Islam ( Shar Shah Suri ) was the first one who introduces Rupaiya and paisa during its governance.

Shar Shah Suri Goverence Coins
Shar Shah Suri Goverence Coins

and also introduced the law of Customs Duty that is following today.

Azam road now which is known as G T Road was made by Shar Shah Suri governance from Peshawar to Kolkata. That was a great example of sure governance. And also made three more roads with different trees overlooking the road for the facility of passengers. The total number of the clues that was taken by Shah Shah Suri was round about 7780 and every clue have two gates. The first gate is for Muslims and Second is for Hindus. And every clue has been a well and a strong mosque. In which was one Imam e Mosque and one Mozan. That got vocabulary from the government treasury.

In 1531, and now at that part of his life, he declared his independence from the Mughal governor Humayun. He encountered several battles among him, originally taking Gaur in Bengal and finally accepting the throne of Delhi later the fight of Kannauj in 1540. than Shar Shah, Suri proceeded to increase his domain and in a very short measure of time, his empire reached from Indus in the east to Bengal in the westward. He was a brave warrior and military intelligence, Suri performed shelters doing sandbags in the clash of Mevat.

But Alas One Of The Greatest Administrator Of Islam ( Shar Shah Suri ) Was murdered by the attack of Kalinjar fort against the Rajputs of Mohoba on 22 May 1545. When each tactic to defeat this fort disappointed, so that’s why Shar Shah Suri ordered this force to fill up the walls of the fort with gunpowder. but he himself was dangerously damaged since a consequence of the blast of a bomb.

  behind this Suri was superseded by his son, Jalal Khan, who secured the title of Islam Shah Suri. His mausoleum, the Sher Shah Suri Tomb (122 ft high), reaches in the core of an unnatural pool at Sasaram, a city on the Grand Trunk Road.

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